Penalties for Drug Smuggling and Possession

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Penalties for drug smuggling and possession is very hard. The control drug and substance act in the past was known as the narcotics control act. Which is the law that is involved in persecuting anyone who has been found with illegal drugs. This law deliberated by what is known as a Crown Counsel can result in you getting jail time or having criminal fines. These acts also provide a list of drugs that are illegal or restricted in the country. The penalties for having such certain drugs.

Penalties for Drug Smuggling and Possession

As a sensible citizen, you must know the necessary information regarding the penalties for drug possession and smuggling. Sometimes, people are getting involved unintentionally or otherwise. Whether you are involved or not, if you face any legal issues related to the drug cases then you need to know the penalties for these types of criminal cases. In the below discussion, we will show you the proper explanation from our experienced lawyer about both drug possession and smuggling.

The Penalties for Drug Possession

  • The penalties for processing some drugs may be higher than possessing other drugs. Minor possession charges and can result in you getting some light penalties, trafficking. However, it brings the most serious types of charges. Importing cultivating or exporting narcotics is also illegal and tends to be the most serious.
  • So what is considered as possession of drugs? For possession, the prosecution must prove that the offender had physical possession of the drugs. This does not actually mean having them in bodily contact but they must be in a position to know where the offender had the drugs. For example if they were found in his or her motor vehicle. The prosecution must also prove that the offender knew they possessed an illegal substance.
  • The prosecution has certain discretion when it comes to deciding what charges you get in relation to the drug possession. A summary conviction will carry lesser penalties or can you can get a formal criminal indictment which is harsher. For beginners, $1000 penalty would be filed or 6 months in prison if found guilty. Caused by non-first offenders, the penalty will be doubled to $2000 and up to one year in prison.
  • For hard drugs such as meth, and cocaine, it can lead you to get very hashed sentencing,. For first offenders they are usually given a rehabilitation so that they may not get the substances in future. The police and Federal Government usually view these people as criminal offenders and as such they get a criminal record where appropriate.

The Penalties for Drug Smuggling

  • Paying for the delivery of drugs is usually referred to as a dial-a-dope operation. The typical arrest usually happens when the person delivers the drugs to an undercover police officer or the police observed the transaction between the deliverer and the consumer. If the suspect is under surveillance usually the vehicle is pulled over for an innocuous reason such as speeding or failure to put on the safety belt as to positively identify the suspect at some later point. This is when the police will make the move and arrest the person. In most cases, a person who has been found with the possession of hard drugs such as cocaine methamphetamine or heroin usually gets a jail sentence. It can be from 9 months to 2 years for first-time offenders this will depend on the number of narcotics the person was found with and the sophistication and length of the operation.
  • The decision to make a drug delivery should be seen as a choice to enter into the life of crime. Even if you are a low street-dealer, you will definitely get caught at some point in your business. If you are caught I would recommend getting a good lawyer that will represent you well in court. For example, a person who resided in Regina, you can get an experienced drug smuggling lawyer in Regina by just typing good drug smuggling lawyers near me in your search engine and get the results. Good luck.

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The Canadian government is handling drug smuggling cases seriously. They have also developed their law in such a way that nobody can think about it. However, after all these law & enforcement implementation, many people out there trying to get involved with drug smuggling and possession. The reason is that, this business is profitable. However, if you read our entire article carefully then we hope you know the penalties for drug smuggling and possession.