Criminal Laws in Canada

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Criminal Laws in Canada

Criminal law is part of a were protecting the law against statement the violations of criminal law. The purposes of punishing criminals include sentences, misbehaviors, and rehabilitation of criminals. In other words, criminal law is a system of law concerned with the punishment of criminals. Criminal law is a law that defining a person who conducted crimes. Criminal law in Canada designed for those who committed illegal activities in Canada. In Canada, criminal lawyers made associated with the Canadian government. There are many examples of criminal laws. Such as Conspiracy and Fraud, Fraud and Theft, Burglary Conspiracy, Receiving Stolen Goods, etc.

Principles of criminal laws in Canada

In canada, there are three types of principle of criminal laws. These three types of principles are describing below.

Presumption of innocence

Presumption of innocence is one of the main principles of criminal laws in Canada. This principle is judging to be innocent until it’s proven to blamed.

Burden of proof

The second principle is the burden of proof. This principle means that irresponsibility to accused guilty. The criminal lawyers must not until the accused is innocent.

Beyond a reasonable doubt

The last one or third principle is beyond a reasonable doubt. It means when the chance of controlling who charges for a crime.

Canadian Criminal Laws

In Canada, criminal laws counted as a criminal code. There are many criminal laws in Canada. Some laws are describing below.

Weapons crime

Firearms and other weapons counted as a part III crimes in Canada criminal code. This code is concern by the firearms Act registered in lawful possession. The Long-Gun Registry has eliminated the requirement on April 5, 2012.

Sexual Crime

Section 274 is a must not to be attested in the Crown called a toxicologist for the evidence. Moreover, it’s useful for practicing to attestation where needed.

Violence Crime

Hostage-taking is the main violence crime in Canada criminal law. Kidnapping is also is part of a violent crime. This section includes in the 279.

Hate Speech and Libel crime

In sections 299 and 300 is Defamatory Libel is a crime of hate speech and libel crime. Public incitement of hatred is considered the part of the hate speech and libel crime.

Drug Crime

Drug possession, trafficking, and drug production are drug crimes in Canada criminal law.

Canada Criminal Code

The Canadian Parliament process a law called the criminal code. It’s named code because it procedure the law into a single statute. It’s stabilized the crimes and criminal law. In 1982 this law was established by the Canadian parliament, and this law is called the criminal code. The criminal code of Canada is a combination of law. Its find in any public library or the courthouse library. Several books published for the criminal codes for explaining each of the code. Each section of the code has a list of cases and that cases were interpreting under the particular article. This part is called annotated. Annotated means are giving an explanation or comment.


Criminal law defines the law of criminals crime activities. The purpose of criminal law made for the criminals to give sentences to the criminals for harm done and proven moral guilty. The last thing is the traditional approach that has been considering an act of crime, and it’s morally wrong.

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