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    At Regina Criminal Defence Lawyers, criminal defence law is all we do. Our team is standing by to help you or your loved one after an arrest. We’re also here for you if you already have reason to suspect you’re under investigation, but have not been arrested yet. 

    We handle cases at the federal level and at the provincial level.

    We give every case the attention it deserves. We dig through the evidence and look for every angle we can use to your advantage. 

    Hiring a private criminal lawyer will help you bring your case to its best possible conclusion. We have the resources and the know-how to help. We’re also more affordable than you might think.

    Here are some of the most common cases we accept.

    Drug Charges

    The Crown takes drug charges very seriously, and these are often federal cases. We help with every type of drug case, from possession to trafficking. 

    Drug cases require a lot of time and attention. They’re the most prone to police misconduct. A major trafficking case could mean police conducted surveillance and investigation for months before they ever came close to making an arrest.

    The Crown has a lot to prove even in a simple possession case. They must prove you knew about the substance, handled the substance, and had some degree of control over that substance. If they wish to prove more than that then they need to show you had the paraphernalia or resources to sell or move that substance. 

    We will dig into every scrap of evidence to find a path forward for you. 

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    Assault Charges

    Threatening words. A shaken fist. A simple bar fight. An actual attack where someone ends up badly beaten and in the hospital. Any of these scenarios can lead to an assault charge. 

    In Saskatchewan, assault is defined as any instance where one party intentionally applies force to another person without that person’s consent. The law also states that nobody can consent to bodily harm. That is, it is impossible to give consent for a amount of force that would require medical care. In addition, consent cannot be given in cases where a power differential exists between two parties, or where “consent” was coerced with force or threats.

    Assault charges become more serious if you caused serious bodily harm, or if you used a weapon. 

    Take these charges very seriously. Even that simple bar fight can change your life.

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    Impaired Driving

    DUI, DWI, and imparied driving are some of the most common criminal charges, as well as the most common first offenses. The reason for this is two-fold. First, it is difficult to judge when any substance has robbed you of your ability to drive safely. Second, many of the tests used to detect impairment do provide false positives for a variety of reasons.

    All impaired driving penalties are very serious. Penalties can include jail time, a suspended license, an impounded vehicle, and fines.

    Fortunately, there are many defences to a DUI, even if you blew over 80 on a BAC test. In addition, it is sometimes possible for us to secure a curative discharge for a first-time offender, which will allow you to serve probation, stay out of jail, and avoid criminal conviction if you meet all the conditions of your probation.


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    Theft covers any attempt to deprive someone else of their rightful property and transferring that property to the use and enjoyment of yourself or another. 

    Being charged with theft under $5,000 is a misdemeanor, whereas being charged with theft over $5,000 is a felony. It does not matter how you committed the theft: whether you are accused of stealing with shoplifting, burglary, fraud, or embezzlement, it’s all theft. 

    Both charges are serious and can be life-changing. In addition, these charges can be aggravated by other factors, such as whether you had a weapon at the time of the theft, or whether you were in a relationship of trust with the victim.

    Fortunately there are a variety of defences we can use to help you defeat a theft charge.

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    Domestic Violence

    A domestic violence charge is just an assault charge or a sexual assault charge. Yet it describes a more serious charge. There are stiffer penalties for breaking a relationship of trust with your romantic partner, spouse, or children. 

    The consequences can also include a peace bond, which will keep you from seeing the people you’re accused of hurting. It can even mean losing access to your home. 

    In Saskatchewan you can be arrested on the word of the accuser alone, even if there is no other evidence that you have committed a crime. Once accused it can be difficult to shake the charge. Our team can help.



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    Weapons Charges

    Adding firearms to any crime increases the severity of the charges. In addition owning unlicensed or banned firearms, transporting them incorrectly, or pointing or discharging them in a reckless way can all lead to criminal charges.

    These charges come with mandatory minimum sentences that can be stacked atop any other sentence for any other crime the weapons charge is associated with. 

    We’ll work hard to help you undermine or defeat these charges.




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    Other Charges

    Don’t see your specific charge listed here?

    Don’t worry. We handle any type of criminal case. If it can get you arrested, our team can handle it. 

    There is no charge too serious for us to take on and there’s no case too complex.

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    Our team has decades of legal experience, and we’ve helped thousands of Regina residents navigate their cases. 

    No lawyer can guarantee acquittal, but we can guarantee that we’ll give your case our full attention so that we can bring it to its best possible conclusion. We can guarantee that we’re fully prepared for trial and we explore every option. 

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