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    Criminal Defence Lawyers in Regina, SK

    Our team of experienced criminal defence lawyers can make a big impact on how your case proceeds. 

    Any criminal charge can have major repercussions. We help minimize those repercussions. Whenever possible, we even work to get charges dropped or dismissed.

    When you work with us, you’ll have access to outstanding legal advice at one of the most difficult times in your life. We’re not here to judge you. We treat you with respect while we try to find a path forward.


    We Are Reputed, Trusted And Respected.


    Practice Areas

    Criminal law is all we do. 

    We handle all federal and provincial level cases under that umbrella. This includes:

    Drug Cases

    Learn More

    Assault Cases

    Learn More

    Impaired Driving Cases

    Learn More

    Theft and Fraud

    Learn More

    Domestic Violence

    Learn More

    Firearms Charges

    Learn More

    Harassment Charges

    Learn More


    Learn More


    Learn More

    Reckless Driving

    Learn More

    Homicide and Manslaughter

    Learn More

    See Practice Areas for more details on the most common types of cases that we handle.

    Practice Areas

    Getting Started

    Our process depends on when you call us in. In many cases we’re called in directly after you’ve been arrested, which means we start by addressing the immediate crisis, doing whatever we can to do secure pretrial release and get you out on bail. After that we undertake a thorough case review. Some of our clients call us post-bail and much will depend on whether they spoke to the police, and how much they said. Some even become aware that they are under investigation prior to the arrest, and call us to begin protecting their interests right away.

    In Saskatchewan, you have the right to retain counsel the moment you request a lawyer. You have the right to telephone any lawyer you wish, even after your arrest. You have the right to remain silent, which you can invoke by saying, “I wish to invoke my right to remain silent and my right to call a lawyer.” We highly recommend invoking your rights and remaining silent until your lawyer can arrive to help you.

    When police ask questions, they are looking for evidence to use against you. Don’t give it to them! Cases are often made in interrogation rooms. If you remain silent, you may well deprive the Crown of the evidence they need to proceed, which means we may be able to get them to drop the charges. 

    Whatever your situation, we’ll find solutions. That may mean securing a deferred prosecution agreement or a remediation agreement. It may mean getting your charges reduced with a plea deal.

    Innocent? Innocence alone will not protect you.

    Innocent people go to prison every day. Canada prosecutes over 800 wrongful convictions every year. 

    In fact, an innocent suspect may be in even more danger than a guilty one. They often make mistakes that get used against them, hoping they can convince the police to let them go. 

    Do not take chances.

    Retain our services: dedicated, experienced criminal lawyers. We’re your best chance of staying out of prison.


    How much does it cost to hire a criminal defence lawyer in Regina, SK?

    There are different fee structures that can be offered depending on the complexity of your case. We work with our clients to help make retaining our services as feasible as possible.

    Hiring a criminal defence lawyer isn’t nearly as expensive as going to prison, losing your rights to travel to the United States, losing access to firearms, and losing your career. Many criminal defendants lose their families. Many struggle to secure housing later. 

    When you meet with us we’ll go over our billing and answer any questions you might have. Most cases are fairly routine and we can often provide a very accurate estimate of what the final costs will look like. There will be no surprises. 

    Do criminal defence lawyers represent guilty clients?

    Yes, absolutely. We’ll represent anyone who needs us. 

    Many people ask us why we’d be willing to represent someone who we know is guilty. The truth is we don’t know anyone is factually guilty or innocent. It’s often impossible to get to the truth of any criminal event.

    We can only determine if our clients are legally guilty or innocent. It’s not about what you did, it’s about what the Crown can prove, and what we can do to undermine that case. 

    In fact, it’s a good idea to call a criminal defence lawyer even if you intend to plead guilty. Doing so can mean lighter sentences, plea bargains, or the chance to enter into deferred prosecution programs. You shouldn’t even be making decisions about how you plea until you’ve spoken with us.

    Remember: you have a right to counsel. If you need us, call us. We’ll worry about the rest. 

    Why choose us?

    • Every one of our lawyers has decades of experience, and that means we see solutions many newer lawyers miss.
    • We know the judges and prosecutors here in Regina, and can turn that information to your advantage. 
    • We’re responsive and communicative. We keep you in the loop and make sure you always know what’s going on with your case. 
    • We’re trial-ready at all times. Our rigorous preparation means we’re ready to fight hard for you in court. 
    • We have a long track record of achieving results for our clients. 

    No lawyer can promise you an acquittal. Trials are just too unpredictable. But we can promise that we’ll evaluate your case from every angle. We can promise that we’ll go above and beyond, and that we’ll come to you with solutions. We can promise that working with us will at least minimize the severity of the consequences you’re facing. 

    Don’t leave the outcome of your criminal case to chance. Contact our team today. We’re here to help.

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    If you have any serious criminal case, we are here to support you.

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