Defenses to Criminal Charges

Defenses to criminal charges

What is the defenses to criminal charges? Basically what it comes down to is demonstrating to the prosecutor but they are not going to be able to prove the case beyond any reasonable doubt, this is because prosecutors usually file charges against a person going into it believing that they’ll be able to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt. So for example, maybe in a complaint, you’ll see a person being charged with a battery, burglary or robbery this means the prosecutors reviewed the evidence given to them by the law enforcement agency and upon reviewing that information those are the charges they decide to file against the accused.

What is Defenses to criminal charges

Ultimately the defense lawyer working with his or her client reviews that information is given about their client this might be witness statements, photographs, and video lab reports and also if there was any violence there might be some hospital records. We can thus say the defense lawyer is forming the defense strategy with his client and trying to come up with a way to demonstrate to the prosecutor that they will not be able to prove their case.

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What you should know

It’s not because the prosecutor likes the defense lawyer or because the defense lawyer knows the judge for your case to go well as it ultimately comes down to the defense lawyer being able to successfully communicate to the prosecutor that they are not going to be able to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and so sometimes this comes in the way of being able to prove that certain evidence filled by the prosecution is wrongfully gotten. You’ve probably heard of motions to suppress evidence well if there was evidence that was unlawfully obtained in the violation of the accused fourth amendment rights then what can be filed is a motion to suppress and if the defense is successful in that motion then the main evidence gets thrown out the and thus the prosecutor no longer has a case which will result in a dismissal.

Other times, there could be identification issues. This is where the accused ends up getting charged with this particular crime but there could be shaky identification issues where witness credibility issues may be involved. This a case where the witness had a motive to lie and maybe made something up but there are all kinds of different things that the defense lawyer can come up with in order to demonstrate that the prosecutor is not going to be able to prove his/her case. At the end of the day, it’s the defense lawyers investigation of the facts using either him or hiring an investigator to assist that will impact how the case will turn out.

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