How to Get a Pardon in Canada Fast: Step by Step Guide


How to get a pardon in Canada fast? Does it really matter? In other words, yes, for legal cases getting a pardon is much of a matter of luck. It is hard in Canada to lead an everyday life without having a record suspension of any crime. You may say, ‘what is the record suspension’?

In simple words, it is a Canadian pardon where criminal records are sealed or removed from the active criminal database portal. But that doesn’t mean it is erased. If you want to know how long does it take to get a pardon in Canada then follow along. We will cover it in a section below.

Through this, you become again eligible for any type of job (most of the Canadian companies do check employment background) as well as free to get all other life-changing opportunities. Eligibility of getting pardon in Canada is also important to know. In this article you will also get information about it. Let’s read the article carefully.

Who Does the Job?

The PBC (Parole Board of Canada) is independently involved with criminal justice and is also recognized as an administrative tribunal body to record suspension decisions, conditional releases, and leniency recommendations.

Their responsibility is to protect society through assisting with time to time reintegration of lawbreakers in the community. According to PBC’s decisions, the core consideration is public safety.

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How to Get a Pardon in Canada Fast (4-Simple Steps)

For getting record suspension with no delay, you must concentrate on proper timing and effort in the application processing and submitting period. But before doing that, you must check your eligibility to get the Canadian pardon.

There are four steps in all to get the Canadian pardon. They are:

Step 01: Eligibility Check

You can easily check it within 2 minutes through a highly secured online calculator. The calculation will help you to understand how effectively you are eligible to get the pardon for your offense. It is a good thing to get an idea about it before applying.

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Step 02: Payment Plan

Based on your budget plan, you must select the financing plan and get your approval. Don’t worry, and it’s an easy process. You just need to consider a few factors for budgeting your case. However, get in touch with an experienced lawyer for better solution.

Step 03: Status Tracking

You can know the update of the entire process by logging into your private account. After you apply for the pardon and decide the payment policy, you can track status of your case. In between the process, you may talk to your lawyer how things are going in behind. You will get a clear idea about the process.

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Step 04: Record Sealed

Check the update on record sealed and after assuring that you are free to travel, volunteer, or work even. You must understand it because if you travel without permission, then that can go against you. The court may deny your pardon for your careless behavior. You can be sure if you check it for your comfort before doing anything that needs permission.

Get a Pardon in Canada Fast

Many people search for ways to make the lengthy process of getting record suspension to be done faster. If you intend to get a new job or travel across the country, you just need a quick pardon. Nevertheless, whatever the option you try, there is no faster track to do the process, and even the application may not be granted 100% at all.

Even though the situation is overwhelming, people still try shortcuts or tips to make the process faster. Bad luck! More factors influence the application approval timeframe.

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How Long does it take to Get a Pardon in Canada Fast?

In general, it takes 4 to 6 months to process all the formalities for sending the request of record suspension to the government. After the submission, application assessing and decision making takes no longer than four to twenty-four months. The higher the gravity of your crime, the longer the time they take.

It may take five years to get a pardon, even with the uncertainty of favorable results that you expect in some exceptional cases. It happens because the application may lack Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s authorization to provide proper data about the lawbreakers in question and information from the local police authority, courts, or other necessary sources.

By accumulating all the relative data, the conviction of the applicant also requires more time. That is because the policies of each courthouse about information releasing will take time.

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The Police Record Reference Checking

It starts from the local police section, where the legal authority authorizes police record checking for pardon application. It is applicable for all jurisdictions the applicant’s living of the last five years. They take about 2/ 3 weeks to a few months to complete the check and providing the data. If you get small-sized jurisdiction, the checking period will be less.

Application Submission

After completing the application, it will be sent to PBC, where it will go through 6 months long multiple processes with summary conviction. Besides, if it is an indictable conviction, it will take 12 months because the cases are serious and require extensive investigation for assessing the application.

The successful pardon result takes a minimum of four months to a maximum of eight months in case of an indictable offense. The summary conviction takes less time and is processed faster than it. But for both cases, the factors vary so that the probable timeframe is not accurately guessed.

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How to Get a Pardon in Canada for Free (3-Simple Steps)

The Canadian pardon does not come for free. But if you prepare the application by yourself or through third parties’ help, the cost may differ but not free. Generally, in PBC, if you want to file a case for pardon then it will cost $631. Once you complete the paperwork then the government will get the fee amount with necessary actions for resolving the case.

Meanwhile, the overall cost is divided into two sections, which are given below:

How Much does It Cost for Obtaining a Pardon in Canada?

There are three sections where the applicants have to pay, such as:

Step 01: RCMP Report

  • First step
  • Done by the local police authority
  • Fees can be $25 to $100
  • Duration of some police service may be limited to a few hours in a week
  • Fingerprinting service charge is $75 to $125

Step 02: Court Documents

  • Second step
  • Charge fees vary or even free in some cases
  • The small flat fee can be $5 or $10, but some conduct individual charge for each task such as: for search $20, for conviction $30

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Step 03: Local Police Check

  • The average charge is about $60
  • The cost might mount up for each jurisdiction if the applicant moved towns in the past five years
  • You may have to pay a notary fee also.

PBC Submission Fee (Fixed)

  • The charged amount is $631, which is fixed and necessary for everyone whatever the conviction pattern is
  • It is sometimes hard for people with low income because they cannot get a job unless their records are sealed

Where to get a Pardon in Canada

You can get it only from PBC (Parole Board of Canada). Check the eligibility criteria; if it matches, go for the application preparing step. Remember, it is a time-consuming process and may have several barriers in the path of success. Some waiting period sections that you cannot minimize are given below:

  • Waiting for fingerprinting: 2/3 weeks
  • Police record: 2-8 weeks
  • PBC assessment: 3-12 months

Final Thoughts on Getting Pardon Fast

To live a better life, never lose your ethics. But human beings make mistakes, and of what some are undeniable. However, you only get the freedom of living after receiving the pardon if you admit any guilt. Based on your guilt’s depth, the success of getting a pardon depends.

Go through the process before initiating the plan for getting a pardon in Canada. If you follow our process, then you will understand how to get a pardon in Canada fast. You need to be careful while reading because it contains legal terms.