How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Make in Canada?

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While lawyers provide legal services to the community, they earn handsome money. However, it’s tough to say how much a lawyer earns in Canada.

For a criminal lawyer, the yearly income of a lawyer is between $85,540 to $142,174. However, the amount depends on different factors such as experience, type of cases, and compensation money.

This article describes the average income of a criminal lawyer in Canada along with associated factors.

The Income of Criminal Lawyers in Canada

The credibility of a job depends on its earnings other than recognition or its social or humanitarian contribution. To understand the income of a lawyer, it’s important to know what a criminal lawyer does.

What Does a Criminal Lawyer Do?

Criminal lawyers are specialists in criminal laws. They represent their clients in the court who face criminal charges or are victims of any criminal activity. Most criminal lawyers do private practice or work in their firms.

There are diversities in their work for different dimensions of crime- violence crime, domestic violence crime, drug crimes, sex crimes, fraud, theft, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Investigating and interview
  • Research laws, crime codes, statutes, procedural law
  • Prepare case strategy
  • Negotiation
  • Advocating for the defendant
  • Prepare drafts, files, and arguments

Comparison Between Lawyer jobs and Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

Interestingly, in Canada, lawyer jobs are among the top-paying jobs. The list below cannot provide the exact information regarding salary, but it would give the average idea.

  • Physician- 150,000 CAD yearly
  • Lawyer- yearly 135,000 CAD
  • Miner or Oil and Gas Drilling- 77,250 CAD/ year
  • Dentist- yearly 75,000 CAD
  • Registered Nurses- 74,000 CAD per year

So, does a criminal lawyer get well in Canada?

An experienced criminal lawyer in Canada gets a healthy figure from their profession. The average yearly salary of an expert criminal lawyer is more than the average salary of an experienced lawyer. That is 145,175 CAD.

How to Become a Criminal Lawyer?

A person needs to fulfill 3 basic requirements to become a lawyer in Canada.

  • Education– A criminal lawyer must have 3 years long law degree completed, similar to U.S. law. A master’s degree after LLB would help more to become a good criminal lawyer.
  • Bar exam, Licence, and Certification– A lawyer must have their licence process done after passing the Bar Admissions Examinations. Also, they need the NCA National Committee of Accreditation) to certify them.
  • Good Public Speaking– Public speaking is a distinct quality of lawyers. With the ability to grasp and respond to the other party’s demur and claims, explaining and emphasizing on behalf of the client is also crucial for a criminal lawyer.

What Makes a Lawyer a Good One?

To earn well and provide quality service, a lawyer should possess the qualities and attributions.

  • Communication skill
  • Passionate about the job
  • Being Compassionate
  • A Good Listener
  • Knowledge
  • A Good Writing Competency
  • Good judgment
  • Creativity

With these efficiencies of lawyers, each client wants their case solved in the least time possible and less stress from the court session (they prefer no stress).

Making more money as a lawyer in an easy way!

Following and maintaining the simple strategies below brings more money easily.

  • Not wasting time with the wrong cases
  • Taking time to get better clients
  • Working smartly
  • Spending less money
  • Adopting cost-effective service
  • Using an online transaction system
  • Applying technology
  • Improved client management

Is a Criminal Lawyer Job Easy?

Being a criminal lawyer has several advantages. It’s such a job where there is a lot to learn every day. Besides, helping the people protect their rights is also satisfying.

One significant matter here is- a lawyer doesn’t have to maintain 8 hours or a strict work routine. That gives the space for own time and leisure moments with family. On the other hand, there is enough work available out there because of legal issues.

The profession has several cons also. A lawyer prefers not to go with a case if they find the convicted one innocent in reality. New practitioners also face emotional issues with the case they handle. Cases like sexual assault or child pornography also create a mental disturbance at the primary career level.

A criminal lawyer sometimes faces difficulty in planning for their personal life. Moreover, lawyers can’t flee from their cellphone because there’s always a legal occurrence.

Last Words

So the answer to the question—how much does a criminal lawyer make in Canada?’ is not fixed. It varies and depends on your expertise in the area. No matter how much they earn, it’s obvious that a good lawyer can be your good friend during difficult times.


What type of lawyer gets paid the most in Canada?

As for the highest amount a lawyer receives for their type of specialty in Canada isn't possible to tell for sure. Usually, medical lawyers, lawyers representing civil lawsuits, and IP (Intellectual Property) lawyers are among the receivers of maximum amounts.

Do Canadian lawyers make good money?

Canadian lawyers make quite an amount of money as one of the highest-paid jobs. The average salary is $99,803 (CAD) yearly (CAD). If calculated hourly, the amount would be $51.18 per hour. From the entry-level position to the most experienced lawyers, $76,574-$135,000 (CAD) is the range. The amount may vary regarding places and cases.

How much does a criminal lawyer make a year?

An entry-level lawyer can expect to receive $85,540 (CAD), while for an experienced lawyer, the amount is $145,158 (CAD) or even more. The average salary would be $142,175 or $72.91 (CAD) hourly.