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A criminal lawyer is a person who practices criminal law in criminal court, defends clients, and provides the necessary legal advice. Let’s know everything about the journey of a criminal lawyer from this blog.

Who Is a Criminal Lawyer?

A lawyer who practices criminal law in criminal court is known as a criminal lawyer.

Generally, a criminal lawyer comes with exceptional knowledge of criminal law. The lawyer also defends clients against the opposition party to prove a client’s innocence.

Criminal law deals with serious matters of social conduct, and violating these laws negatively impacts our society. Proving a criminal act earns harsh and rigorous punishment—also, failure to defend the claim of opposition results in imprisonment and more.

A criminal lawyer is competent enough to deal with such a vital matter of crime and offence.

What Does a Criminal Lawyer Do?

A criminal lawyer does so many important works during the trial period. Therefore, criminal lawyers lead a busy life. A lawyer must prove his client innocent to prevail over the right.

Here are the most common things a criminal lawyer does:

Case Assignment

Generally, the defendant party of a case directly contacts the criminal lawyer. Then the lawyer decides whether they will assign the case or not.

Their way of working may be divided into two tracks—work with the state, known as prosecutor and practice in private.

Many criminal lawyers work for the general public. They earn a monthly salary from the state. On the other hand, some work in a private firm as independent lawyers. Depending on the case, they usually charge a high amount from the client.

Interview with Client

After taking the case, criminal lawyers conduct interviews with the client or party involved in a case. By asking specific questions, the lawyer understands the matter deeply. Moreover, a veteran lawyer knows the weaker sides and finds ways to proceed with the case. Then sets preparation of the trial stage.

Investigate the Case

To prove the client innocent requires collecting proof, witnesses, and documents by the lawyer. Criminal lawyers spend so much time accumulating all the necessary documents and proper witnesses.

It can be any documents from the police, medical reports, necessary interview with eyewitnesses or anything that could bring the lead to the case.

Participate in Trial

After analyzing evidence, a criminal lawyer starts preparing for the trial. The lawyer examines the witness at that stage to discover the truth.

Further, a lawyer fights hard in the court to win the trial on behalf of the client. Finally, they submit the necessary documents before the court to defend the client.

Additional Works

Apart from case trials, a criminal lawyer does more necessary work. Procedures of bail, participation in seminars, and class taking on law colleges are the secondary daily work of a criminal lawyer.

Moreover, criminal lawyers write articles and run awareness campaigns for the betterment of society. Overall, a criminal lawyer has a high value and busy life.

How to Become a Criminal Lawyer?

By completing several steps, a law student becomes a criminal lawyer. The stages of becoming a criminal lawyer have discussed in the following section.

Achieve Academic Degree

You may already know that a lawyer should be from a law background to practice. After completing the LLB degree, the gate opens to starting a career. Furthermore, participating in workshops, training, and certificates on criminal law helps proliferate.

Practice as Apprentice Criminal Lawyer

The Apprentice period is a great learning opportunity for anyone. Under the supervision of a senior lawyer, the apprentice lawyer learns practical knowledge. Law students work as apprentice lawyers until achieving the bar council certificate.

In many countries, working as an apprentice lawyer is mandatory for eligibility to attend the bar council examination. The minimum duration is at least 1 year as an apprentice criminal lawyer. During this period, a student earns practical knowledge of the court.

Attend Bar Council Examination

After completing the apprentice period for 1 year, a law student becomes eligible to participate in the bar council examination. Each year law student attends the test. Once they pass the exam, they become capable of practicing criminal law in court.

However, it takes a long time to establish a career as a criminal lawyer. During the early days, the criminal lawyer only focuses on good work studying various criminal cases and scenarios.

What Qualities Should a Criminal Lawyer Possess?

Winning a case requires going through several steps. To be a competent criminal lawyer, you must have those below-mentioned qualities.

Academic Degree

Having good academic background is a plus point for a lawyer. Especially in practicing criminal law, an LLB degree is mandatory. Therefore, criminal lawyers must be from a law background.

After achieving a professional law degree, the time comes to join as an apprentice lawyer. During the apprentice tenure, a lawyer begins practicing criminal cases. Then completing the bar council examination successfully, a professional criminal lawyer’s career begins.

Specialization in Criminal Matter

Practicing criminal law is always a challenging and tough thing to do. Thereby a criminal lawyer needs to have special recognition over criminal law. That may be successful completion of a specific course, long day workshop, or even participation in criminal law events. Every criminal lawyer requires a specialization certification in any particular criminal matter.

Intelligent and Good Presence of Mind

The lawyer’s primary target is to prove the clients’ innocence during the trial. It is tough to overcome all the opposition party’s claims. Hence intelligence and high IQ are a prior requirement of lawyers to defend their clients in court against the opposition.

Also, during hard trials, unpredictable things happen in criminal court. A veteran can easily deal with the situation with a good presence of mind to prove the clients’ innocence in court.

Enough Motivation

A lawyer’s life is always challenging, especially the life of criminal lawyers goes through so many tough challenges. Only highly motivated people can deal with these matters properly.

Therefore, becoming a renowned criminal lawyer requires motivation and hard work. Plus, a lawyer should always be in a positive mind so that the approach is for winning the case.

Search for the Truth

Criminal offence is different from civil matters. In a sense, criminal cases have harsh punishment and raise questions against the victim. Therefore, a veteran criminal lawyer must have the mentality of searching for the truth.

Practical Experience

To do well in law, the experience of practicing law is crucial. Competent lawyers earn the public’s belief with years of hard work and practicing experience.

The sufferer seeks help from a veteran lawyer out of high trust and faith. Even the chance of winning a case is higher for an experienced lawyer as they go through years of practical experience with hundreds of cases.


Criminal lawyers help clients defend false claims bought against them. They mostly lead a busy and competitive life. Although qualified lawyers earn lots of money, it takes hard work to be in that place.

A criminal lawyer’s journey is fascinating, from top academic backgrounds to practicing in the court. Establishing a career as a criminal lawyer is challenging but highly respected.


Here are some most frequently asked questions with answers.

How much a Criminal Lawyers Earn in Canada?

The annual income of a criminal lawyer is higher than a civil lawyer. Any entry-level criminal lawyer makes $72.92 in an hour or approximately $85,540 annually. Moreover, an experienced criminal lawyer earns almost double that of an entry-level lawyer.

What does a Criminal Lawyer do Daily?

A veteran criminal lawyer has so many duties and responsibilities. Studying the law book, dealing with the clients, and researching cases are the daily work of a criminal lawyer. However, investigating and examining the witness is the utmost priority of a criminal lawyer.

What is the Most difficult Task of a Criminal Lawyer?

Handling clients and investigating the assigned case is the primary task of a criminal lawyer. After years of practice, a criminal lawyer becomes a master of doing the difficult job.

Is it Possible to Become a Criminal Lawyer from Different Backgrounds?

To become a criminal lawyer, you must have a bachelor's in law. Therefore, becoming a criminal lawyer is not possible from different educational backgrounds. Surprisingly, anyone can enter this profession with just a bachelor's in law. To become a criminal lawyer from a diverse set, you can follow this way.