How to Become a Criminal Lawyer

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To become a criminal lawyer, you need to gather knowledge from every aspect as you can. There are legal practice areas where you can fulfill your dream of “How to become a criminal lawyer.” Through this article, you will get some basic ideas that will direct you to your dream line.

What is Criminal Law?

What do you mean by criminal law? Okay, normally, by criminal law, we understand that it aims to punish the person who is threatened for the public and the public’s property. The government takes some necessary steps when people are legislated with some serious crime. 

Serious crime means murder, property damage, sexual harassment, etc. International Crime and terrorism are also included in criminal law.

In a sense, criminal law is practiced for legal practice. Every rule student has to practice this law for a qualifying law degree.

How to Become a Criminal Lawyer

Here are steps you need to follow if you have dreams of becoming a criminal lawyer. Here are:

Qualifying for law School

To get into law school, you need to qualify your bachelor’s degree, which is four years long. It does not matter on which subject you are taking your bachelor’s degree, but it would be better if you choose political science, psychology, or sociology.

It is not necessary to do major in criminal law in your undergrad. In some law schools, they prefer those students who have done major in journalism, philosophy, or economic.

Practicing in public speaking

You need to be confident enough to speak in front of anyone so that in your real case, you don’t feel weak. How can you develop this skill? You can join the debate or any public speaking clubs. These will improve your speaking ability and from next, you will not feel hesitant to speak to anyone.

Need to grades up

Everyone cannot get a chance to enroll in law school, and only the brilliant one can get this opportunity. So, for this opportunity, you should not be disappointed by your grades. At least 3.5 to 4.00 should be your grade number in the undergraduate degree.

There is a psychological theory that the admission committee always looks for the highest CGPA because it indicates their hard work and their motivation level. Your selection level will be depended on your undergraduate GPA, and this number will make it easier for your scholarship in the law firm.

A friendly relationship with your professor

You might have to submit many recommendation letters, and that time you will your professor’s help. So, in your four years in college, you need to build a strong relationship with your professors so that they can help you with the recommendation. Moreover, to do in research or work, teacher assistants are great to help to make a friendly relation with the professors.

Try to do your internship with a criminal defense lawyer.

Many small firms need helping staff assistance throughout the year. In that sense, you can do your internship in that firm as a part-time job with any criminal defense lawyer. This will give you an experience of the taste of how the criminal defense can work.

Study for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

Law schools are giving more scholarships than before. LSAT will help you to get any qualified law school that can be of your choice.

The Personality You Need to become A Criminal Lawyer

You need to work under pressure, and this one is the First, and foremost quality should have to a criminal lawyer. It is the nature of the law that you have to work in the challenge, and you always have to think about your feet.

When you involve in a case, you have to gather all the evidence to serve your client perfectly. The information on your confirmation should have quick service and proper for your case. All the details are very important for the outcome of the criminal law, so as a criminal lawyer, you need to focus on every aspect of the evidence.

As a criminal lawyer, when you are in a criminal case, you will have to ignore the prejudgment and need to be open mind in every situation so that you can ensure your client’s right. 

What kind of work experience is needed?

You need to attend the criminal law department in the law firm if you have a plan to start your career as a criminal lawyer. There you can learn by becoming a shadow of some experience people; either it can be a barrister or any judge. Some universities provide some initiatives to the students who cannot afford legal aid to improve their skills which is really important in a criminal law career.

What are the routes you should follow?

You need to have well aware of another law case, including criminal law. Even it would be great if you can gather your qualifications in other law degrees. You are well-known about which routes you should take to get your criminal law degree. You need to be very passionate about your destination.

Average Criminal Law Salary

Do you the salary range of criminal law? Well!!! In London, the law firms are giving the highest average salary, and it is around $52,500. And outside London, the salary range is about $32,000-42,000, and this salary depends on the area.

It should be mentioned to you that criminal law salary differs and depends on the law firm, which means if you work under a reputed law firm, then you can expect a high range salary, but in a not reputed law firm cannot provide your expected salary.

There is a rank in the criminal law firm, that is, Trainee, Newly Qualified Solicitor, and Partner. So, it can be assumed that Barrister will be paid high than the solicitors. And on the other hand, the Barrister’s income will be less when they are self-employed.


To become a criminal lawyer, you have to stick your profile with legal education courses or any bar association committees or any criminal defense lawyers’ committees. This will help to get more information to practice in criminal law. And hopefully, this article will help you to get more information on how to become a criminal lawyer.