Different Types of Murder Cases

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Different Types of Murder Cases

In Canada, different types of murder cases are defined under murder law according to the government. It is defined as the death of any person caused by an intentional or unintentional attack. Now the murders are divided into three kinds. Manslaughter, murder, and criminal negligence causing death. Now, the murder is also divided into three types based on the degree of the murder. According to the law, this kind of criminal offence is widely sentenced based on the mindset and the intention of the accused person.

Different Types of Murder Cases

In the below section, our experienced lawyers have explained different types of murders cases happened in Canada. However, we also have discussed about all of them in individual pages. You will see them linked in this article after individual sections. You should know them because whenever you face any of these issues, you are going need them while dealing with such cases. Let’s start by discussing about different murders types.

First Degree Murder

First-degree murder centralized on what was your intention when we are talking about first-degree murder we are talking about a term referred to as malice. A malice of forethought. This implies that you have the intent to kill someone or cause great bodily harm. I think we have a fairly natural idea of what this is, you kill someone with the intent that is first-degree murder. Or you want to shank someone with a knife to teach them a lesson and when you knife them you hit their spleen and they end up dying days later that is still first-degree murder because you have caused great bodily harm even if you did not intend to kill but the malice of forethought is there.

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Second-degree murder

So what is second-degree murder? It involves reckless abandonment where you don’t intend to kill someone but you have such wanton disregard for life that when someone dies it is so grossly reckless and that it’s beyond anything that’s reasonable. For example let’s say you are street racing and you kill someone in another car; although you are not intending to kill that person, you have recklessly abandoned the laws and limitations on our street. So second-degree murder comes in when you don’t intend to kill someone but you kill them and it’s reckless and it’s beyond anything that reasonable

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For manslaughter we have two types; voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. With voluntary manslaughter, you intend to kill someone but it is in a situation where you are so emotionally overcome that it is almost an instinct to you, the classic example is that when a man walks in on his wife committing adultery and in the heat of the moment he kills the person the wife is committing adultery with. This moment of passion crimes implies that you did not have a cooling-off period rather your gut reaction is to kill the other person.

This has to be a situation where you so overcome with emotion that you have no chance you think about your actions. It is a fairly rare circumstance and does happen sometimes. Involuntary manslaughter is where you have criminal negligence. When somebody is negligent they basically act as if they do not care. There are usually civil negligence cases where one acts with criminal negligence. You are doing something that’s negligent and someone dies in the process. So, for example, you are driving a car and you accidentally ran a red night you and end up killing another driver, which is criminal negligence or involuntary manslaughter.

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Another example is road racing where you run a red light intentionally to try and beat someone to the finish line and you kill another person in the process. Murder is all about intention it’s all about the state of mind of the person who committed the crime. So what should you do if this is you? You should first hire a defense lawyer that will represent you in court. If you reside in Regina for example, there are a lot of good white-collar murder defense lawyers you can get. You can contact them by visiting the murder law firms near Regina or you can just ping reputed murder lawyer Regina and get your results. Consider hiring a lawyer with a well proven track so that you get what you are paying for. Good luck!

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We are at the end of our discussion on different types of murder cases. Our experienced lawyers have explained all you need to know about all those types of murders. Read the entire article carefully to understand them, so that whenever you face anything relevant to murder cases, it will help you. If you have anything further to know, you can contact us using below contact details.