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Murder, when it comes to the law, can be defined as the killing of another human being with malice of forethought. The malice of planning is a kind of legal jargon, which means that you are either trying to kill the other person. 

Why does Serial Murder Occur

Typical examples of murder include; shootings, knife stabbings, hiring a hitman to die for you, or even poisoning the victim. There are a lot of documented cases that have gone to court where the person is found guilty of murder, yet he/she was not involved in any way. 

An example is a person who has built a methamphetamine lab in his/her basement. He added as meth usually involves some explosive chemicals, some of the chemicals end up exploding and killing the neighbour. 

With this, you can get charged with murder because you knew and understood the risks of producing illegal meth. Another example is a DUI case where you drive when intoxicated and cause an accident that leads to loss of life.

In most occasions, murder usually lands you a life sentence, which can be very painful as you will have to spend the rest of your days in prison. You should find a good lawyer who will represent you in court to defend yourself well. 

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The lawyer will use some defence strategies that may help out in your case these defence strategies include.


It is a case where you as a client, have taken the life of the other person. Again you were doing it in a situation where the other person was aggressive, and you were trying to defend yourself. The lawyer should prove beyond reasonable doubt that this was the case to the jury and the judge.

Mistaken Identity

It happens to be the number one reason why innocent people are put in jail, especially when there was a gun or weapon involved. It is because the witnesses usually focus on the gun that is being pointed at them rather than focusing on how the perpetrator looks like. 

It’s primarily in a chaotic situation where the witnesses were scared and, thus, under a lot of stress.

Not guilty by insanity

This is a situation where the evidence is clear that the accused made the killing but suffers from a mental defect. He/she does not, therefore, know the wrongfulness of taking another person’s life. If the jury agrees with this, the client is usually sent to a mental facility so that he/she can get the treatment rather than sending them to jail.

Reduction of charge from murder to manslaughter

Manslaughter is considered a lesser offence, and thus, one gets a shorter penalty or jail term. It should, however, be proved that the accused did not have the intent to kill the other person rather; it was an act of emotions. This may occur in the heart of compassion or during a quarrel.