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Fraud Lawyers

Even though it is sad, the rate of crime is higher in capital cities. As Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, it is prone to all sorts of crime. Unfortunately, one of the major crimes in Regina is fraud.

Fraud involves deceit and bluff. For example, impersonating to be someone else and misusing sensitive information to harm someone is fraud. It can be monetary or non-monetary harm.

Believe it or not, there are professional con artists who make their livelihood from committing fraud. Unfortunately, as this is a known fact, people often hire them to revenge against their enemies and pay them to commit fraud.

Their expertise makes it very difficult to prove that any copy has ever taken place. Thus, anyone who is a victim of such an unfortunate event needs to hire an efficient lawyer.

You might wonder where you will find a capable lawyer and willing to fight against such a complicated situation. You don’t need to worry any more ‘Criminal Defence Lawyers of Regina’ offers the most experienced.

Fraud Over $5000: What is the Possible Penalty?

Are you accused of a fraud case of over $5000? If you are, you need to know this before presenting it to the criminal court. There is a specific criminal code for such fraud cases.

Under the section CC. 380 (1) of the criminal code of Canada, who is found guilty for a fraud case over $5000, it will be treated as an indictable offence. Most importantly, it is punishable in terms of imprisonment up to fourteen years.

However, if you can get an experienced criminal lawyer, the punishment can be minimized with proper representation of your case. Call (306) 848-7777 now and consult with our experienced fraud lawyers.

Fraud Under $5000: What is a Possible Penalty?

In this case, also, there is a specific code for such cases. Under Section CC. 380 (1) (b), according to the Criminal Code of Canada, it will also be treated as an indictable offence. If anyone is found guilty of fraud under $5000, he/she may get a punishment of up to two years. The period can be less than that on summary conviction by a punishable offence.

What Will Happen If I Pay Back the Money or the Value of the Property?

Fraud cases are usually very challenging when prosecutors try to prove in court. It needs a lot of time and effort spent with the police and the prosecutor’s office. In some cases, if the accused person offers to pay back the money or the value of the property, the prosecutor may agree. The prosecutor may withdraw the charges without going through the time-consuming court sessions. As a result, the judge can impose the punishment considering the factor.

Is It Possible to Defend to Fraud Cases?

Yes, in some cases, some defences may be arranged, including the lack of intention. However, it depends on some special circumstances of your case.

Fraud lawyers at Regina Criminal Defence Lawyers have the experience of handling fraud cases under and over $5000 throughout Regina, Alberta. Get in touch with us right now and get a consultation to discuss your case. Call now – (306) 848-7777.

Who Are We?

Our legal firm is undoubtedly one of the most experienced legal firms in Saskatchewan. Although everyone claims themselves to be at the top, we know them to be one of the most experienced ones. You might be wondering how do we know that? We know because of our clients.

As fraud is a serious offence, one must handle it delicately. Someone who is accused of such a crime has a lot to lose. Besides, finding a competent lawyer to take such a delicate situation is a matter of luck. Do not worry.

If you are residing in Saskatchewan, we are your first choice. Our lawyers will not be like only a hired help. Instead, we will counsel you, know your situation, and find an effective way of putting you out of the problem. We understand that situations like this can make people stressed and lonely.

What Do We Offer?

Although we are known for our criminal defence lawyer service, we have expert lawyers fighting for plaintiffs. Thus, we don’t only serve someone who has been alleged for the offence.

Besides, we understand that a case might drag for years. As long as it runs, the costs related to it will continue to grow. Therefore, we offer services at an affordable price package.

Now, you might be wondering that how can we offer great lawyers at an affordable price? As it is a fact that excellent legal help comes at a high cost. While your concern is valid, our firm is designed to help people. Hence, our firm structure is organized in a way that can serve the purpose.

Our firm has a great range of lawyers. Although we have well-experienced senior lawyers, we have aspiring and learning junior lawyers. If you have issues with the budget, our junior lawyers are going to be your right option.

There is nothing to be worried about or sad about as they are juniors. Because our junior lawyers are incredibly competent and qualified, they learn and train with the experienced senior lawyers our firm has to offer.

Besides, our junior lawyers learn from the experiences our senior lawyers have. And there is not very much that they haven’t seen. Thus, if you hire a junior lawyer, you have nothing to worry about.

Why Choose Us?

By now, I believe anyone who is reading this knows about the specialty of our firm. First, however, I would like to mention why anyone would pick us separately.

Firstly, we offer both criminal defence lawyers and prosecutors. As a result, no matter which side you are in the situation, you can come to us. We will successfully deliver our services.

Besides, we have selected a versatile set of lawyers for our firm with years of experience. This combination makes them confident and effective. As a result, our lawyers are not reluctant to accept out-of-the-box cases.

So often, it is seen that if a situation is clumsy, lawyers are hesitant to dive in. However, that is not the case with us. Our lawyers will accept cases and provide dedicated service. Thus, no matter how bad your situation is, you will not feel averse to come to us.

Lastly, our packages of various price limits make us open to all. Everyone can think about availing help from the most reputed that Regina Criminal Lawyers have to offer. That is rare. Hence, if you need a lawyer for fraud and reside in Regina, Saskatchewan, come to us.

What Else Can You Do Apart From Hiring a Lawyer From the Top-rated Legal Firm?

Remember, these kinds of situations are very crucial. Even though you might think that your job is done as you have hired an excellent lawyer, that’s not true.

Therefore, you will have to remain very cautious and silent. Do not discuss the legal matters with anyone but your lawyers.

Unfortunately, in this kind of situation, people you have trusted the most your entire life may turn their back on you. Hence, it is useful to share any detail with anyone: whatever confusion, questions, or ideas you have in your mind, share them with your lawyer only.

Besides, focus on not making any new enemies during the case is going on. That’s because they can be used against you. So it is useful not to get involved with new people as much as possible.


Once someone is in the middle of anything legal, he/she needs to take things seriously. Of course, things are extra complicated if the case is related to fraud.

Because an unfortunate event about fraudulence cases is innocent people easily get caught in between. Hence, one needs to be extra cautious. However, even after being mindful, we can get into a troubling situation.

Do not worry in such cases, instead come to us, and we will help you out of it with our services. Even if you are in trouble, don’t be hopeless. Our top-notch lawyers will share your burden.